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Bench Maintenance Trolley

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Bench type maintenance trolley

It is used for double-track railways, double-track and third-line highway tunnels, mainly to maintain the concrete after the secondary lining in the tunnel, improve the lining quality, reduce manual labor, and achieve the purpose of speed, safety, reliability, convenience and labor saving. It can also be used for masonry work, tunnel maintenance and maintenance of ground radar detection.

Main technical features:

1. Independent maintenance operation system: The trolley is equipped with an independent maintenance operation track, which is separated from the trolley. After the trolley travels to the designated maintenance position, the automatic maintenance is started, the trolley does not move, and the maintenance bracket is independently set on the trolley. Automatic walking maintenance, stable and safe operation, no dragging of cables, water pipes, air ducts, etc., and no need for manual guards.

2. Automatic curing: The concrete curing operation can be carried out automatically according to the set time and frequency.

3. Intelligent temperature control system: It can detect concrete temperature, ambient temperature and humidity, and automatically adjust the maintenance water temperature according to the concrete temperature.

4. Maintenance data record: You can set project information, customer information, equipment model and number, automatically record the current number of maintenance cycles, maintenance time, real-time maintenance temperature, etc. and automatically generate construction logs, with real-time information The machine automatically stores in real time , automatic transmission (five new e butler) function.

5. Human-computer interaction system: strong controllability, simple operation, real-time monitoring of the operating status of the equipment, and real-time adjustment of maintenance parameters according to construction parameter requirements.

6. Self-diagnosis system: The intelligent maintenance trolley is equipped with a complete self-diagnosis system and a safety voice alarm system, which implements real-time monitoring and fault detection for the entire system, and performs voice broadcast. When the intelligent control system fails, it can be switched to manual assistance mode normal operation.

7. Full platform work bench: Humanized design of the ladder platform, widened pedals of the work ladder design, stepped platform set at the arch waist, and the top platform is fully covered with patterned steel plates, which can be used as secondary lining concrete surface maintenance, radar detection, secondary lining percussion Inspection and other work benches.

8. Walking with electric steering tires, no need to lay tracks, the direction can be adjusted at any time, and the walking and shifting are convenient and efficient.

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