Leaders of China Railway No.5 Engineering Group Co., Ltd visited Wuxin Equipment for research and exchange

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In the afternoon of February 17, Mr. Peng Renjun, deputy director of the Material and Equipment Department of China Railway No.5 Engineering Group Co., Ltd, Mr. Cheng Rui, Equipment Section Chief, and a group of 25 leaders from the first engineering company, the second engineering company, the fifth engineering company, and the sixth engineering company visited Wuxin Equipment for technical exchanges. Mr. Wang Xincheng, the executive director of Wuxin Investment, Mrs.Yu Songping and Mrs. Li Anhui, deputy general managers of Wuxin Technology, Mr Yang Zhenshi, CEO of Wuxin Equipment and Mr. Gong Jun, General Manager of Wuxin Equipment, accompanied the whole reception.


China Railway No.5 Engineering Group Co., Ltd was founded in 1950. It has strong construction technology and masters key cutting-edge technologies in railways, highways, urban rails, municipal utilities, water conservancy and hydropower projects, etc.. Their technology is at a world leading level, especially in the fields of long and complex tunnel construction.

Mr.Peng and others leaders visited the production workshop and product debugging center of Wuxin quipment, and then the two sides had an in-depth exchanges on Wuxin's product series in tunnelling and mining equipment, also future cooperation.


Mr.Shao Gaojian, deputy general manager of the company, gave a detailed introduction to the research and development original intention, product main features and usage of the company's star products, including the double crank arm face drilling rig WD200E, the intelligent digital tunnel lining trolley and the small section face drilling rig WD561. It has aroused the delegation's keen attention and discussion.


Since the first cooperation between the two sides, Wuxin equipment has participated in more than 20 highway and railway major projects, such as Sichuan-Tibet Railway, Daling Railway, Xiyan Railway, Zhengwan Railway, Guangmian Highway, Yuqun High Speed Railway, Jinkun Highway and Yiwei Highway, etc.

In the future, Wuxin will continue to consolidate and deepen the cooperation with China Railway No.5 Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

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