Wuxin tunnel lining trolley has won an "Individual champion" award of the national manufacturing industry!

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Recently, the National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the China Federation of Industrial Economics released the seventh batch of individual champion enterprises (products) in the manufacturing industry, and Wuxin tunnel lining trolley has won this award with pleasure.

The national manufacturing individual champion award is a national honor of China's manufacturing industry, which occupies the commanding heights of the industry in the subdivision field, it demonstrates the company's strong strength in manufacturing and also represents the highest R&D level and the strongest market strength in the global manufacturing subdivision field.


Wuxin tunnel lining trolley currently has a total of 192 patents, including 25 invention patents, and won the China Patent Excellence Award twice in 2017 and 2021.

Main technical features

1、The shutter formwork is the main force-bearing component, with high structural strength and large space on the top, sides and bottom, it significantly improves the working environment and increases the cross-sectional area for ventilation, and also facilitates the engineering vehicles to pass through.

2、The number of supporting rods is half that of the traditional trolley, and it comes with adjustable folding support, which reduces labor intensity and the time for molding and demolding.

3、Equipped with plug-in type and attachment type high-frequency automatic vibrating systems to achieve full coverage of vibrating in the circumferential, longitudinal and thickness directions, effectively improving the strength and compactness of concrete.

4、Equipped with a special automatic track laying system, no manual handling is required, it can effectively reduce the labor intensity and number of workers.

5、The plugging device is a visible polymer telescopic structure with strong adaptability and easy to disassembly and assembly. The template can be reused many times to reduce construction costs.

6、The soft lap joint technology is adopted to prevent the poured concrete at the position of the circumferential/longitudinal construction joint from being split or cracked during the forming process.

7、The information monitoring system, compatible with the "Wuxin e-Master" which is a tunnel intelligent equipment information management system, the entire trolley has functions such as vault cavity alert, vault pressure alert, video monitoring, report generating, etc. The pouring position, pouring volume and other data are being real-time monitored, and all monitoring information can be uploaded and stored, so the work process is controllable and traceable.

Construction Cases



This award once again proves the brilliance and reliability of Wuxin’s products in the industry market.

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