Wuxin has successfully been shortlisted as a procurement supplier for rock drilling platform frames by China Electric Power Construction Corporation for the years 2024-2025

Recently, China Electric Power Construction Group (Group) Co., Ltd. announced the list of rock drilling rig suppliers for the years 2024-2025. With years of technological accumulation and leading market share in the tunnel equipment industry, Wuxin Equipment stands out among many equipment suppliers

A new plan to reduce costs and improve efficiency! Three piece set and double cancellation operation for tunnel excavation

In tunnel construction, improving efficiency and reducing costs have always been important goals for the industry. For this reason, Wuxin Equipment innovatively puts forward a new solution for cost reduction and efficiency improvement in tunnel construction - three pieces of excavation and double ca

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Leaders of Shandong Zhaojin Company visited Wuxin Tunneling for investigation.

In the afternoon of August 5, Shandong Zhaogin Group, vice president of the Department of Biotechnology Pan Jinsong and his entourage of eight people visited Wuxin Tunneling, Wuxin Tunneling, accompanied by the chairman of the board of directors, Mr. Yang Zhenqi reception.

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WuXin double-curved arm rock drilling dolly conquers difficult tunnels, high quality service is recognized again!

Recently, Wuxin Tunneling received a commendation letter from Fujian Litong Group, which expresses heartfelt thanks for the efficient construction of our double-curved arm rock drilling dolly, the professional service and active coordination of the operators and after-sales service engineers.

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