Deepening Exchange And Mutual Enhancement - China Chemical Mining Association Phosphate Industry Experts Visited Uniroc for Seminar And Exchanges

May 11, China Chemical Mining Association phosphate industry experts and his party of more than 30 people to visit the five new equipment seminars and exchanges, five new equipment, chairman of the board of directors Yang Zhenqi, general manager of the mining equipment business unit Yang Lixiang acc

The Grand Opening of Uniroc Sales & Service (Laizhou) Centre!

On 13th May, the opening ceremony of Uniroc Sales & Service (Laizhou) Centre was successfully held in Laizhou City, Shandong Province. Gong Jun, General Manager of Wuxin Equipment, Yang Lixiang, General Manager of Mining Equipment Division, and a number of invited guests attended the ceremony and wi

Technological Innovation, Wisdom Leads To The Future|Five New Equipment Intelligent Informatisation Pouring & Lining Trolley Newly Upgraded

In order to solve the construction quality problems of traditional lining trolleys and avoid concrete segregation, insufficient compactness, vault hollowing, concrete cracking, falling blocks, pockmarking, honeycomb and other phenomena caused by problems such as trolley runout, leakage of slurry, in

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