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Digital Maintenance Trolley

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Product introduction:

The overall design of Wuxin digital maintenance trolley has the characteristics of small size, light weight, and flexibility. It can realize demoulding maintenance, automatic maintenance and intelligent maintenance, making lining maintenance more timely and efficient.

The main function:

1. Timely maintenance: It can pass through the secondary lining trolley to ensure timely maintenance after the secondary lining is demolded.

2. Independent maintenance: It is equipped with an independent maintenance running track, which is separated from the trolley. After walking to the designated position, the automatic maintenance is started, and the operation is stable.

3. Automatic curing: The concrete curing operation can be carried out automatically according to the set time and frequency.

4. Digital maintenance: automatic recording, real-time storage, and automatic transmission of local maintenance data to Wuxin e-home (requires 4G network support); automatic generation of construction logs, in-depth analysis and summary of data.

5. Stable and efficient: no external power supply, no cable dragging, no need to lay tracks when walking; the direction can be adjusted at any time, easily adapting to uneven ground, and the walking displacement is stable and efficient.

6. Intelligent temperature control: It can detect the concrete temperature, ambient temperature and humidity, and automatically adjust the maintenance water temperature according to the concrete temperature.

7. Human-computer interaction system: real-time monitoring of the operating status of the equipment, and real-time adjustment of maintenance parameters according to construction parameter requirements.

8. Self-diagnosis system: equipped with a complete self-diagnosis system and safety voice alarm system, real-time monitoring and fault detection of the entire system, and voice broadcast, when a fault occurs, it can be switched to manual assistance mode for normal operation.

9. One machine with multiple functions: suitable for different sections, reusable, and highly standardized; it also has the function of dust removal, which greatly improves the construction environment.


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